The global job market is fundamentally changing,
presenting new opportunities for the future workforce


Demand for employees in STEM fields around the world outweighs available supply


This demand is increasing; by 2030, 80% of jobs created will be in the STEM domain


Engaging children in STEM is necessary to meet the needs of the future job market

We create toys, gadgets and experiences for
a new generation of global learners



Engaging build-your-own kits to spark creativity and imagination



Introducing the principles of STEM learning in a practical hands-on way



Powered by renewable energy sources to protect people and the planet

Our founding team

Alice Mukashyaka | Starlight Co-Founder

Alice Mukashyaka

Alice studied Electrical Engineering at Singhad University in Kigali. She has worked for the MasterCard Foundation on their education programmes and is studying Global Challenges at the African Leadership University, specialising in education. Alice was recently named as a finalist for the 2019 Commonwealth Youth Awards.

Ariane Umuringa | Starlight Co-Founder

Ariane Umuringa

Ariane studied Electrical Engineering at Singhad University, where she met Alice. Ariane is a Country Ambassador for Youth Opportunities and has worked with Ashoka on their ChangemakerXchange programme. In her spare time, she is studying a second undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Kigali.

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